Karen M. Rice


IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writing: February 26, 2008
Awarded: February 26, 2008
“In my day,” Great-great-grandma used to say,
“Young ladies didn’t ride up on a horse.
They traveled sedately,
In a wagon, a buggy, or a dray.”

“In my day,” Great-grandma used to say,
“Young ladies didn’t display leg or limb.
They wore long skirts, many petticoats,
And high top shoes each and every day.”

“In my day,” Grandma used to say,
“Young ladies didn’t ride astraddle like a man.
Their saddles were set to the side.
When a lady wanted to ride, that was the only way.”

“In my day,” Mama used to say,
“Young ladies didn’t paint their faces up.
They didn’t wear tight jeans like that,
And they didn’t dance in a wild and heathenish way.”

“In my day,” I was known to say,
“Young ladies didn’t pierce their bodies full of holes.
They didn’t mar their bodies with tattoos,
And they surely didn’t sleep about in a casual way.”

I am left to wonder about young women of today.
Their swimsuits are postage stamps,
And they wear their underwear on the outside.
What will they be able to say about their day?