Bob “Dusty” Reynolds

Central Identification Laboratory Hawaii
Central Identification Laboratory Hawaii
Bob Reynolds (Dusty) ATN-3 – US Navy, is an active member of the following organizations:

  • Member – VO-67 “The Ghost Squadron”
  • Crew-5 Roadrunner NKP Thailand 1967-68
  • Proud Member – VO-67 Association (Chaplain)
  • Proud Member – TLC Brotherhood
  • Member – VVA Chapter 201
  • Member – Air Commando Association
  • Member – Khe Sanh Veterans Association


The honor guard stands straight and tall, the flags wave in the breeze
Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, welcome you, from the mountain cross the sea
The Chariot rolls to a stop, its engines cease their roar
The honor ramp starts slowly down, then stops, upon the corridor
Our nations colors cover you, you’re brought down side by side
Across the deck the march is smooth, in perfect step and stride
A single voice is all that’s heard, no “Taps” or rifle sound
Repatriation needs no words, the silence is profound
Just God and all his Angles know, if your mortal threads are there
Your memory, “Not Forgotten “, is etched upon, this brothers, stare
As I lay my hand upon your flag draped vessel, I feel your spirits soar
Skybound in the wind, you fly, released at last, from countless days of war
Again you smell the sweetness, of your homeland, proud and vast
Your cradled in your loved ones hearts, vivid memories of the past
The journey’s been a long one; you served your country well
We’ve set aside a special place for you, far from the place you fell

You’ll rest among our heroes, who paid the highest price
Honored there, on hallowed ground, God bless your sacrifice

Author’s Note: Repatriation of VO-67 Crew-2, Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii