Debbie Reynolds

Debbie and Brad Reynolds
Debbie and Brad Reynolds

Brad Reynolds, Vietnam 1967-68
Brad Reynolds, Vietnam 1967-68: Company M, Third Battalion, Fifth Marines 1st Marine Division

USMC Combat Wife
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For My Marine

He lives alone
In the hills and the trees
He bares his soul
To the cool mountain breeze

He talks to the Spirit
He listens to the Wind
They shield him from memories
Buried deep within

He dreams of the jungle
It beckons to him still
It calls to him each evening
And it always will

The world has forgotten
The sacrifice he made
The scars he bears remind him
Of the high price he paid

Freedom is not given
But with blood it has been bought
By warriors such as he
And by the wars they fought

We can’t forget our warriors
Or let them die in vain
But with respect and honor
We can help to ease their pain

Our Freedom will be taken
If no one will defend
God bless our Forgotten Warriors
Who live to fight again