Richard W. Reith


He really thought
Money would come
With lottery tickets
Bringing a healthy sum
It took some time
To finally learn
You’re only paid
For what y’earn

But to get a job
They had to know
That this man was
An “Ordinary Joe”
So off he went
To Nurse Laverne
So they could know
He had clean yearn

In his pottery job
Vases he made
With little feet
And handle braid
He was doubly proud
As the clay he’d turn
For he was creating
A costly yearn

But then the yearn
Had too much mass
Pushed it in the kiln
The with his little ass
The kiln was hot
The breeze was brisk
Wasn’t he a little bold
His little *?

Submitted for the November 2007 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Yearn