Richard W. Reith


Whenever I dream,
and dream I do,
My heart is agleam
For I dream of you

Dreaming of you
in a world full of bliss,
walking together
and sharing a kiss

Whenever I pray,
and pray I do,
throughout my day
I pray for you

Pray for your happiness,
pray for your peace;
pray that God’s blessings
will never decrease.

Whenever I grin,
and grin I do,
It’s at the thought of your skin
and the wonder of you.

Your scent on the breeze,
Like a sweet angel’s song,
Floats me to heaven
And carries you along.

Whenever I cry,
and cry I do,
My tears cannot dry
until kissed by you

For pain disappears
And dread melts away
With the very first step
Of love’s sweet ballet