Richard W. Reith


In every minute of every day
you slip into my mind.
And in every minute you find a way -
To make my life sublime.

You call to me in times of need,
moments of quiet, and times of fear.
You call to me and bring me there
To bring you love, to make things clear.

We have a place in paradise;
A world of love, dwelling in peace,
Bestowed by God, without a price;
Given in love with an eternal lease.

You touch my heart and soothe my soul
With love beyond this earthly pale.
When God brings us to our heavenly goal,
Eternal bliss there will prevail.

I adore your skin, your gentle ways;
Your tender kiss is beyond compare.
When I one day come to my end of days
Every moment, I will be waiting there

Immortality is our gift from Him,
An eternity of peace and love,
Filling loves cup to the brim
And keeping it filled from up above.

Feel me caress you now, my love.
Let me kiss you, taste you, hold you near.
As we merge together, like hand in glove,
And share a smile, share a tear.

Walk with me across the sand.
Stand with me and taste my kiss.
We will glow like suns on that golden strand,
And know the heavenly gift of bliss.