Richard W. Reith


Ever clouds.
She wandered through her life
without sunshine,
ever clouds.
Men pledged to bring the sun.
They promised…
they couldn’t…
For a short time, the sun would emerge,
she ached for it to stay,
dreamed of a life in the sun,
but no man could hold back the clouds.

Until him

He walked into her life gently
as though floating on air.
Her whole being was centered on him.
The clouds withdrew,
she didn’t notice
until he was gone
and her heart was clear.

He took her by the hand,
lovingly escorted her
to the mountaintop.
All the things of her life lay before her
bathed in a new light,
a new understanding,
a new love,
a new peace.
And, from horizon to horizon of her life,
the clouds were gone.

All her life
she tried to break down the ramparts
That pain erected in her heart:
Tried to find a man who would knock them down.
A man who could make the sunlight
touch her heart,
touch her soul,
bring them finally to life.
Forty long years
the walls remained.

Until him.

He walked into her life
and with his breath *of compassion*
tore down the barriers to love
so carefully built over her lifetime.
The sunlight of his love
thawed her heart,
reached into her soul.
He brought her to an ecstasy
built of trust,
built on her newfound femininity,
filling her needs,
giving her peace.

Then He left.

He had brought her to the mountaintop.
Let her see the serenity she searched for.
It changed her forever,
for though she was no longer on the mountaintop,
she had been there,
she knew,
she would know forever.
She sadly understood
that those who had never been there
would never know,

He made her feel more sensual
with his love,
with his spirit,
than any man, with any touch.

Her heart,
what happened to her heart?
How could it soar at the sound of his name?
How could her body ache for his touch?
How could her lips cry out in loneliness?
Her heart,
her needs,
her understanding
were changed forever.

And He left.
With a promise to return.
And He left
taking the clouds with him forever.
And He left
taking her barriers to love along with him.
And He left
because He loved.