Richard W. Reith


Today, I dreamed.
I dreamed of the past without accusation
I dreamed about the past and wept
I dreamed of the future with expectation
I dreamed of love that I accept

Today I heard.
I heard Gods soothing voice inside
I heard the sounds of nature’s joy
I heard my spirit through heaven glide
I heard squeals of a frolicking boy.

Today I prayed.
I prayed to God for peace in my heart
I prayed for love to fill my days
I prayed for animosity to depart
I prayed to appreciate life’s bouquets

Today I felt
I felt the warmth of my lovers hand
I felt the ache of a mother’s loss
I felt the flames of passions fanned
I felt the sacrifice of the cross

Today I lived.
Today I loved.
I changed.