Richard W. Reith


Bullies are really victims
Who enjoy making a woman cry
To make her cower
in presence of power
When bully’s victimhood is nigh

Bullies fight at the drop of a hat
With anyone who fails
To kneel supine
at the bully’s shrine
Containing the Holy Grail

One person after another
Must face the wrath anew
For uttering a sound
Despite how profound
That victim-bully can misconstrue

Thinking victimizers are everywhere
Living life only to attack
Gods own fully
Cannons waiting to shoot back

It takes no special effort
Rarely ever making sense
But what you did,
God forbid
Was deny omniscience

Don’t bother treading lightly
Unless you also plan to kneel
For anyone caught
defending other thought
Must be destroyed in ways surreal

Governments, ethnic and cultural ways,
Religion and all of its factions,
Create this mood
of victimhood
To justify all bullying actions

So feel sorry for the victim-bully
Pity the victimhood existence
Understand their skin
So paper thin
And attacks of absolute nonsense

For victim-bullies sit and wait
For things to misconstrue
So they can fight
With all their might
And feel better than me and you