Richard W. Reith


The woman feels the eternal worry of life.
Of parents, both loved and needed,
Suddenly dealing with the idea of living without them.
The woman has to be the strong foundation,
when her feet rest in shifting sand.
The woman finds the focus of her life changed,
yet it feels eternally.
Other parts of her life,
which just yesterday
were all of reality,
seem galaxies away.
Being the strong daughter,
the weak sister,
the wife devoted to her parents,
the mother showing how to be a daughter,
the friend needing support,
all at the same time.

Roles, she seems to be filling roles,
yet they feel natural.
Like an actress in a one woman show,
she changes into one,
and another,
and another
in a day, or an hour.

So she will be what those she loves,
and who love her,
need her to be.
And standing over it all,
supporting each role,
watching from afar
yet standing hand in hand,
is her soul mate.
That knowledge brings peace.