Richard W. Reith

(In Honor of My Paternal Grandparents)

First a silly little question:
then the silliest little kiss.
And two sappy little lovers
Began a life of bliss.

They dreamed of what could happen
and strived for what could be,
Dreamt that a heaven-sent love
would be their reality.

Clung together through the sunshine
and together through the rain:
Together through the endless days
with love as their domain.

Those first moments ever defined
a love no weight could destroy.
Trust enduring through life’s fierce storms,
greeting even small blessings with joy.

Sweet, with the voice of an angel,
her heart sang a lilting song.
His cheerful replies echoed loud,
in her soul he carried along.

Their love was of the sight of eyes,
it flew on the wings of souls,
Fed by the milk of loving hearts,
loves own feast making them whole.

When they came to the end of days,
where pain’s not known anymore,
They walked to death hand in hand,
straight through the heavenly doors.