Richard W. Reith


Two people, a new dawning as lovers, lying:
Sunday sleeping in, letting love furl:
Driving together into the hills –
Communing in the Cathedral of God’s Creation.

He loved her anew, she captivated him.
As she vowed to finally end his pain,
The misery she caused through the life she had stolen.

Promising that now he would matter again.
A new start – and his heart to the heavens flew.
Wandering throughout God’s creation together,
Two lovers, husband and wife, fully again;
Two hearts bound tightly by loves tether.

He didn’t comprehend that her promises were mere words.
Wanting his pain out of her view,
He didn’t want to know;
So needy for a relationship long overdue.

Hand in hand, they wandered,
Along trails, basking in joy money can’t buy.
He knew the passion of her lips
And beauty seen beyond the eye.

As always, it was all a chimera,
deepening his pain.
But, for just an instant, in his heart,
Hope, sweet hope, lived again.