Richard W. Reith


Loneliness was her agony,
But full trust cannot be found.
Needs to lean on one she loves,
Can’t allow herself be bound.

For trust was part of love given,
She learned on her man to depend,
But instead of love in return,
Received scars that could never mend.

And now, again, love has returned,
Her needs now are finally filled.
Yet in her heart, hesitance reigns,
So hard to find feelings he killed

Needs to be a woman again.
Needs a man she can lean upon.
Needs to give herself totally.
Needs her heart to find the new dawn.

Independence is safe and warm,
Self-reliance seemed her reward.
Yet they led her to a life alone,
Not repairing the heart that was gored.

God knows she’s finally trying to heal
And revive those dreams that had died.
And no matter how this love proceeds…
She will know that she finally tried.
She will know that she finally tried.