Richard W. Reith


“suggests to me” I think was said
Then again, he never said it
“Fearing they would threaten” words
Meant that God was just lightheaded.

For nothing that is said, is meant
And what’s said can be denied
And when those words come back to roost
“You don’t understand,” is cried.

“Threaten his own status”
Didn’t mean a threat at all
And “fearing” means not “fearing,”
It means that snow will fall.

“Advance in knowledge and power”
Mean retreat both dumb and meek,
And “mixed our tongues to stop us”
Means one language all will speak.

Demands to answer “true or false”
All require total quiet
‘cause to dare to answer what you feel
Will cause that pen to riot.

“Who beat my wife?” “Who stole my car?”
All said in words so dark,
Really means my wife and car are FINE,
‘cause I used a question mark.

For punctuation hides all meaning
And words have none at all,
So shut your trap,
you whippersnap’,
Or once more I’ll have to bawl.

I’ll fire my cannon, but never discuss,
With anyone who dares
To comment on anything that I say,
Since all error MUST be theirs.