Richard W. Reith


Hand in hand we walk through paradise,
moonlit strolls on countless nights,
immersed in love from the very start,
you at my side and in my heart.

Mist from the waves caresses our love
In our ocean paradise above,
as word by word and line by line
we live our love for all time.

The sand softly cushions our feet and lives
As we gaze lovingly into each others eyes.
And I to you, and you to me,
Make our vows to love eternally.

The tide goes out, and the night is ours.
We dwell peacefully under the stars.
And share our dreams of eternity
Where life consists of just you, and me.

Heavenly secrets spoken aloud,
Heavenly gifts everywhere abound,
Our dreams will come true, come to life -
When I am your husband and you, my wife.