Richard W. Reith


Richard W. Reith: On the Marriage of Amber and Rob
Amber and Rob
The sleeping princess has awoken
With the kiss of a man of grace.
Today they merge their paths of life,
In her dress of satin and lace.

May they always need one another
The fullness of their lives to know.
May sweet tolerance and understanding
Cause these seeds of love to grow.

May they always need each other
Out of love, and not out of lack.
May they embrace, but not encircle,
And let small faults roll off their backs.

As the mountain needs the valley,
and the valley’s enriched by its height,
May they stand together side by side
Their differences creating love’s might.

May they see the wondrous beauty of life
Through the windows of each other’s eyes.
May love gild their hearts with tolerance,
And bring them to God’s great prize.

Yesterday they dreamed of what might be.
Today an eternal love they validate.
Tomorrow they will cherish all they’ve shared,
For her prince has chosen,
their carriage awaits.