Richard W. Reith


Often in my dreams
I remember
The free joy we had, the laughter,
The wonder of our lovemaking.
And I wonder….
Did you ever miss it as much as I have?

All these years,
All these tears,
All the loss and emptiness,
After those years of wonder and love,
Of intimacy and joy
Of commitment that ended all too soon.

At times the memories leave me breathless.
At times they take me to the depths of hell.
And all the time
I wish I never knew them,
So that I wouldn’t understand the tragedy of my loss.

You look at me
With those eyes I thought I knew so well,
Eyes which held a lifetime of secrets.
And now they are just scared.
The simple answers that once worked
And I see the fear
Because now
For once
You don’t have the answer.