Richard W. Reith


It’s true, marriage is always a gamble,
and either you pass or you play.
But once you have chosen to roll the dice,
never give up and just walk away.

Marriage has many forks in the road;
Each day is filled with turns to make.
Some will be right and some may be wrong,
But be strong in decisions you make.

Marriage, in the end, is a long journey
Filled with happiness, pain, joy and fear.
With your vows you take on the challenge –
Love, the essence of why you stay there.

One day, face to face, God’ll weigh the matter.
When he judges each as a spouse, He will start
Not at whether it was better or worse.
Judgment will come by what’s in each heart.

For it was from clay He created them both,
Wanting man and woman shaped to His will.
In the kiln of life He makes two into one,
His commandments for life to fulfill.