Richard W. Reith


There was a brief moment in their lives
That they were one:
Two people on one path
Of love, of life, of passion.

With two mere words, she possessed his heart and soul,
Unfettered by fear, free of distrust, absolute belief in each other
Until the reality of evil and lust hit between his eyes.
Now their dreams hang like cheap wallpaper
Over holes in the dark bathroom wall
Trying to hide the truth beneath.
They cannot.

They set out together on the same journey
Hand in hand.
He remained forever on the path of love;
She secretly walked down the path of lust.
And with every deception and each betrayal,
With each pillaged day of his life,
With every story never true, every happiness purloined
She made him believe they traveled the same path
The pilgrimage of faithfulness and devotion he walked alone.

He vowed to be her everything,
And she offered in return
the worst of mans inhumanity to man,
Destroyed the nuptials sealed by God,
Because, in the end
he was never enough for her.