Richard W. Reith


IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writing: Awarded: December 16, 2006
Awarded: December 16, 2006
He spent his life
Loving a woman who was dead.
He never knew she had died
spread-eagled on another man’s bed.
Taking his sperm hundreds of times-
A trillion bullets
Aimed straight at the heart
Of the love of a lifetime.

The shell that remained
Spent her life making him feel unworthy,
Holding out hope of her return to him
If only he proved worthy again.

He spent his life
Trying to earn again
The love of the woman that remained
Who could never appreciate
Or be worthy of his love.

He was a prisoner
Living in a cell of his own construction.
He lived his life believing
He could once again see
The woman he once knew,
The woman who loved him completely
For a few sweet months of his life.

He never knew
She died spread-eagled
On another man’s bed.

He built his cell
Out of memories of love,
In love with his jailer –
Just a shell of the woman he once loved.

Upon each escape attempt
She would put on a play,
And show him,
In a few bright shining moments,
A glimpse of the woman she used to be.
Making him believe she was alive
Until he willingly returned to his cell.

Then she turned her back on him
And returned to the only things
That really mattered in her life.

The loving flower of a woman
Crushed under the heel of lust.
The giving heart
Destroyed by years of mutual taking.
A selfish man molding her into a selfish woman
Unable to understand ever again
The true wonders of making love

He lived his life
In love with a memory
In love with a woman
Who died spread-eagled
On another man’s bed.