Richard W. Reith

(Inspired by walking through Frogner Park in Olso, Norway)

Soft grass ‘neath our feet
Stars in our eyes
A fresh new world of possibilities unfolding before us.
Hand in hand,
we walk among the statues.

We grant them life
We proclaim to them our love.
As I gently settle you down in the grass
you sigh,
and our delight fills the air,
fills our hearts;
builds a cosmos of passion…

Love brings rebirth
mending all that life has broken
making us whole,
once again.

Now from sunrise to sunset
I realize how blest I am
As I contemplate the night sky
I get lost in thoughts of you.
You are the sun to my flower,
The rain to my roots –
My unmade wish come true

Frogner Park ~ Olso, Norway
Frogner Park is a beautiful park in Oslo Norway where the world-famous Vigelandsparken is situated. The park contains amazing fountains and sculptures created by Gustav Vigeland in a beautiful setting. Vigeland (1869-1943) worked on the sculpture park from 1924 until his death in 1943.