Richard W. Reith


As I wake, from the shores of Heaven
To start a day filled with joys and fears
I converse with God as heart to heart
In words of joy, and cries, and tears

On the stairway to the edge of heaven
where prayers will reach our God of Love,
A place of strength, and truth, and light
Prayers fly there as on wings of doves.

Why do you allow war and death?
“MAN chooses war, for I am Peace!!”
Why do you allow troubled souls?
“I stand at the door to bring surcease!!”

“Why permit evil?” my heart wailed in pain.
“I gave you all life, the freedom to choose.
I gave instructions, many won’t listen:
Compassion, you win, self-absorption, you lose.”

“For this world, my precious creation
has many obstacles man must scale
to prove their mettle, to make them strong,
But TOGETHER we shall e’er prevail.”

“Though too many people run from me
I remain knocking at their hearts’ door
To lift when down, to guide when lost;
to give them hope, and strength restore.”

“For in the middle of darkness, light remains
In the middle of death, life renews,
Though evil is strong, it cannot prevail.
But man has the choice, which will he choose?”

Ready to leave, still tasting his love
I whisper prayers on the silent street
How can you know what mortals must face?
I hear, “See the scars on my hands, on my feet”

Submitted for the September 2009 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Conversations with God