Richard W. Reith


The manipulator gave her illusions,
Saying nothing would be lost.
And with a smile,
all the while
Both dreamed there was no cost.

But betrayal has no winners,
Lies carry a high cost.
Forced by whim
‘tween me and him
‘Twas I who always lost.

“Do I not feel?” I cried inside
But steadfastly clung to vows.
Devotions milieu
has no value,
When treachery it allows.

Deprived of any sense of worth,
stripped of all my pride
By a wife who
spoke vows on cue,
And then just changed her mind.

What really was I thinking?
That she’s different, she’d be true?
That those harsh chirrs,
Those empty words,
Would selfishness undo?

Never having what was needed
Feeling emotions, death so near.
A tear in the soul
from the life she stole,
Soaked by a million tears.