Richard W. Reith


My love, Hear my sigh -
You and I…
Blue clear sky
Filled with moon glow.
My love, hear my cry.
Wipe tears dry
Peace supply
Feel our love grow.

We’re dancing,
In love’s own reverie.

My love, cling to me
By the sea
Make our hearts one.
My love cannot wait
Joys create
Hearts elate
Under God’s sun.

Hearts dancing,
In love’s own reverie.

Author’s Note: This poem about the joy of love, and the other I have just submitted about an explosion in Nam (0100h 10.1.72), are of the exact same rhyming scheme. There is a background song on my site called Moonlight Serenade, an old Big Band standard. I was checking out my site and that was the last page I saw the other night. The tune haunted me – such a wonderful flowing piece of music. These poems were written slowly as the song ran through my mind – and the interesting thing is that those poems, on diametrically opposed subjects, were written at the same time, back and forth.