Richard W. Reith


Ross Price
Ross Price: 1981-2006

Lynn and Ed Price
Lynn and Ed Price
Mom, if I could just live one more day
I would let you know how much you’re loved.
You would feel me try in every way
To show what I cannot from above.

Dad, if I could live just one more day
I’d show you how your son had grown.
My wife and child all of life’s bouquet,
Determination in me you’d never known

Hunter, if I could live just one more day
I would wrap you tight deep in my arms.
I’d talk and kiss, hug and play
Until God returned me safely home

Tiffany, if I had just one more day
It would be too little time
To say all the things I need to say
Of how lucky I am that you are mine.

But remember, we will have infinite days
Tiffany, Hunter, Mom and Dad,
To cling together and sing Gods praise
So please don’t cry, don’t be sad

Our days apart have just begun
Each one like infinity to all of you.
You count your time from sun to sun,
From evening moon to morning dew

They shall pass, these mortal days
And we shall be reunited here.
Until then I’ll not be far away
And my love will try to dry each tear.

Author’s Note: For Lynn and Ed Price