Richard W. Reith


I feel the earth move,
Yet sheltered at the very whimsy of you.

If love can erupt from an effortless romantic thought
How much more abundant will it be
When our souls meet on that tranquil strand
With waves softly lapping at our feet?
How much more will it be
With your hand in mine
Turning to me as I surrender myself to your eyes?

Oh, for the day when love is fulfilled
Oh, for the day when dreams become real.
Oh for the day when I hear an organ play
A Preacher preach
And feel your gentle fingers reach for mine
As thankfulness fills my being.

You were given to me by a miracle
Becoming my north star, my guiding light:
Spirits exploring the depths of each other
Though eyes have never met.

We do not merge; we have no need to surrender.
We are sun and nutrients to each other
As we ripen into the people,
And lovers,
We were meant to be.

You saw me trapped underground
And opened the shaft to release me.
Your love made my heart soar
And spread full wings,
Finally bringing me into the light
and the potential of life.