Richard W. Reith


Sister I’d loved since time began;
Blood-filled tears ran down my face,
Broken by an angry man -
A loving woman filled with grace

“Hold me till the morning sun;
His anger fills my heart with fear.”
Embraced until fears course had run,
Sheltered her heart, kept it near.

Whimpers flowed, as I rocked
Back and forth, she clung to me,
Till her misery was unlocked:
Gushing forth her agony.

Rocking till the morning sun,
Tears all dried and deadened pain.
Her need met, my purpose done,
She returned to her hell again

I know I should have stopped her,
Fought her with each mortal breath,
From returning to her husband cur,
And eventually, to her death.

Still, I remember her smile,
And know it was her last chance;
Bringing her peace, just for a while
As we danced a tragic last dance.