Richard W. Reith


If I could see inside your heart,
What emotions would I see?
Would I know all that you hide,
The secrets you still keep from me?

If I could see into your mind,
would past lives pain endure?
Would I see depths of pain and rage,
Over true loves forfeiture?

If I could live inside your soul,
if only for a day,
Would I feel secret passions boil,
that you’ve hidden deep away?

After a fervent lifetime of search
I still know not who you are.
I only know the pain you’ve caused,
And I only sense your scars.

Who are you? You’ll never tell.
Intimacy hides in fear.
Had you seen inside my soul
You’d have known I was always here.

Here to help you through the pain
Your image of yourself.
You feared the truth would se t me free,
but my heart just longed to help.

If you had looked inside my heart
you’d have smiled, and cried.
But never knowing what love truly is
you never even tried.

If you had understood my soul
my devotion, fidelity,
you’d have known to bare your soul
and let my love set you free.