Richard W. Reith


I whisper to the angels, hopes
Of new serenity of soul.
Beginning new, a peaceful view
Of a love of life again whole.

I whisper to the brook, deep thanks
for life’s upstream and downstream friends.
In the current of time, as in loves rhyme,
They’ll reside in my heart till life ends.

I whisper to the spirits, awe
Of ancient natives with unbowed heads.
The face of God ‘round paths well trod
Through same forest my feet now tread.

I whisper to the trees, wonder
As they reach toward heavens gate.
Their strength and pride, I sense inside
As though God’s glory they validate.

I whisper to the leaves, a prayer
For wretched souls who cannot see
That God who lives is God who gives
us this forest of harmony.

I whisper to my God, true thanks
For permitting my eyes to view
His wonders here, as He stands near,
Feeling His peace my heart imbue.