Richard W. Reith

(A Comment)

We men can never understand
That women cannot see
The only thing required
Is femininity.

Trying so hard to match the world
the media creates
Yet it is just femininity
Men desire in their mates.

We go to war; we fight our fights,
Live lives of quiet desperation
So it is women proud of femininity
That receive our admiration.

We have our flaws, and you can see
Scars from war and battles royal.
Just love your man for whatever he is,
Be both feminine and blindly loyal.

I hope you learned what men always knew,
and the media be damned!
Just be proud and display the woman you are,
and you will make him more of a man.

A comment inspired by the poem, “I Learned it Late” ~ ©Copyright February 10, 2006 by Robin Amy Bass