Richard W. Reith


Life has taken me away
But my spirit can never leave.
Our souls one along the way
In ways the mind cannot conceive.

I’m with you in the bedroom
Laying gently on your soft bed.
With eyes closed you’ll feel love bloom
Wrapped by love as needs are fed.

When darkness wraps around you
My love will be your guiding light,
Chasing fear, bringing calm anew,
Enfolding you throughout the night.

I’ll be in each song you hear,
Music touching your soft heart,
To sing together in loves sphere
Contentment to your soul impart.

Sense me in the gentle breeze
That ruffles your soft hair,
Give in to your hearts decrees –
Loves tapestry, without a tear.

Hand of love on shoulder soft,
Gentle kiss on your tender cheek,
Prayers of unity sent aloft,
As God blesses this love unique.

Though life kept me from being near
You can sense loves sweet bouquet.
Close your eyes and I’ll appear
For my heart is ne’er far away.