Richard W. Reith


Oh, my God, is it HE?!?
Or is it just me -
building worlds out of dreams in my head?
Yet he touches my tears,
Knows my joys, knows my fears;
knows the words I would say ‘fore they’re said.

With him I am sure
It’s love, oh, so pure
It is caring beyond comprehension
His carding’s so strong
It carries me along
To a world of such unknown dimension.

I’ve done all that’s expected
And always rejected
complications to my existence.
Yet, as if on command,
My walls became sand
and I lost all my need for resistance.

I am suddenly whole
But what is my goal?
I can’t stay two women forever.
Give him up? Push away HIM?
Or decide on a whim?
My heart screams to both “No! Not ever!”

But for now, I’m in heaven
My heart is so driven
To this world built of love in my heart
For it’s the void that I’ve feared
And that life filled with tears
And in OUR world that void plays no part.

So I will just live my life
As a mother and wife,
It’s a world filled with joy and with duty.
And I know in my heart
If we ever should part
Left behind, in my life, will be beauty.