Richard W. Reith


Saturday outing
Ones you love
Sunflower oceans
Blue sky above

Dusty old roads
Small town streets
Country freedom
Country treats

Village squares
Funnel cakes
County fairs
Catfish lakes

Places familiar
Places new
Endless wheat fields
Shimmering dew

Old town centers
Five and dimes
Tiny malt shops
Past their prime

Boiled peanuts
Country cuisine
Cokes in a bottle
from an old machine

Cold as ice
Sand in your toes
in paradise

No name hotel
No name town
Everyone friends
With ne’er a frown

Picnic tables
Long hayride
Fireside slumber
In the arms of your bride

Two dollar T-shirts
From a trip to the zoo,
A walk hand in hand
By a lake ice-blue

Mountain sunset
Heading home
Tired unpacking
Still wanting to roam

Empty suitcase
Peace-filled soul
Weekend in heaven
Hearts that are whole