Richard W. Reith


A little white bundle of fluff
Full of energy
running with the puppies

Loving ebony eyes
wet black nose
peeking out of a cloud of white.

Just a dog, they say.
But she loved to run with the puppies.

The years passed
and were good to her.
Romping, playing, walks and games,
part of a loving family.
Perhaps she loved more
than any of the others.

Years took their toll.
Ten, twelve, sixteen years.
And now her puppy heart
was imprisoned in a body no one recognized.
Her shining eyes no longer shone.
Her puppy bark, a whimper,
Her bounding legs stepping slowly,
carefully, in a world she could no longer see nor hear.

In love, he brought her here
Swaddled in her favorite blanket:
Arms that had always held her,
wrapping her up one last time.

“Time to run with the puppies again,” he said
as she felt a tiny prick in her leg
and slowly fell asleep
in the arms of one who loved her.

Freed from her prison,
his skin felt nothing
but his heart felt one last lick,
a kiss of thanks,
before she ran off to run with the puppies