Richard W. Reith


God gave them special connection
Established the day he was born
Pure and without imperfection
Proud, like a diadem worn

God, alone, knows why he had to leave
But his trip to God was not alone.
Connection, which his mother perceived
Traveled with him to his heavenly home.

This cord that so connects their hearts
By none other can be perceived:
From birth till death, it breaks not apart
Their sacred bond outlives her grief.

This cord has withstood every test
And pulls at her heart with each breath
Mother and child eternally blest
With the bond that outlives his death

Her silent cries built a stairway
Which her heart and secret tears climb
Sensing his caring from day to day
Connecting her to heavens clime

None can know the pain and the joy
‘Tween a mother and precious son lost.
For a mothers love for her darling boy
Is a miracle beyond any cost