Richard W. Reith


Submitted for the October 2012 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Colin F. Jones ~ Wordsmith And FriendWe never chanced to meet this side of heaven
Though heaven knows we met horn to horn
Now we’ll meet some day that side of heaven
Living in a world with our egos shorn

For God, alone, knows the scars he bore
As He watches him through heaven roam
So I refuse to say “Goodbye, Old Mate”
Instead my heart sings, “Welcome Home.”

To all – prayers work! Constant prayers work better. They worked for me when I was considered terminal, they can work for Col. This is the first I knew of this, and there will be hourly prayers for him from Georgia.

Please join me and help us annoy God with hundreds of prayers until He says “Alright already!!! I will heal him!”

All you know my past conflicts with Col that silenced me here. But he has a good heart, and gave so much of that heart to this site. He bared his heart to all of us, good and bad, happy and sad. Now it is our turn to bare ours to God and ask for His healing.

Richard W. Reith: October 6, 2012