Richard W. Reith


Tender eyes shine in wonder
with the beauty of budding love
Her delicate lips stir envy
in the angels high above

His lips slowly move to hers,
heavens sweet nectar to taste
Drawn like magnets, connecting,
in love, yet not in haste.

God created them as angels,
each possessing just one wing,
Exploring the skies as one body,
soaring freedom it does bring.

Together they reach supernal heights,
savoring an angel’s ascent,
To perish or soar together,
as their God lovingly meant

He granted to man and woman,
such unique angelic wings.
Left and right, He made them
such marvelously different beings.

They can shrink from cleaving together
living tied to dismal earth,
Or beat their wings in harmony
and enjoy life’s daily rebirth.