Richard W. Reith


He was an invisible man
Terrified of being seen,
Holding up a mirror
And sculpting his life around its images.

To everyone he knew
He mirrored back
Whatever they wanted him to be,
Never revealing the true man inside.

Multiple mirrors,
Each for the views of himself
He was willing to show.

To people with character,
He mirrored a man of character.
To the women who wanted a stud,
He reflected a stud.
To the children who wanted a father,
He mirrored an image of a father.

No substance to stand on.
Just smoke and mirrors.

Through it all
The fears inside made him hide himself:
Never feeling sufficient,
From a lifetime of parents
Who showed him that he wasn’t.

He will die someday
Just a mirage to all who knew him.
He will die one day
Never showing himself,
Finally going to the grave
With his song unsung.