Richard W. Reith

(So I’ll disguise my dissent)

I shall take the bait
I can hardly wait
I’m up to the crime
to spin a new rhyme

(I won’t debate
you can create
words I cannot conjugate
So in, I’ll chime
And show that I’m
Not afraid of fickle fate)

although, when I spell
I wander through hell
So pick me apart –
in fact take my heart

(All is well
when you spell
Though you carry us to grammar hell.
Yes, you’re smart,
though a little tart,
and Col’s own little Jezebel.)

Expose all my flaws
for Col, I am yours
While I’m hardly done,
for now I must run.

(At my heart it gnaws,
rhyming “yours” and “flaws,”
like having to kiss my new in-laws,
But I guess it’s done
And we like you, hon,
So watch as your critic withdraws.)

I start work at ten
But carry a pen
To put down a poem
when I am not home

(And I say “Amen!”
though it vexes me when
A classy lady plays comedienne.
And though I’m a gnome
I’ll be at your home,
exactly, precisely, at the stroke of ten.)

So read and correct
Advise or reject
Your muse I remain
In heart and in brain

(I tried to correct
and tried to dissect
Words which never would interconnect,
But guess I’ll abstain
and so, I remain,
your in-house, misspelled, Smartalect…)

Webmaster’s Note: The original poem, “Advice and Consent” Copyright January 23, 2006 by Robin Amy Bass is displayed in “normal” font. Rich’s response to Robin’s poem is in parenthesis and italicized.