Richard W. Reith


Her beauty is a tapestry
Of soft and gentle hues
Colors of tender emotions
Threads of greens and blues

Her beauty is a tapestry
That time can never mar
Soft yellows of her spirit
Bright as clear night stars

Her beauty is a tapestry
Scenes of nature pure, pristine
Her fragrance the red red roses
Swimming in a sea of green

Her true beauty is the tapestry
That covers my wall of senses
Her need and tender lovers desire
Creating images without pretenses

As years rolled by, the mirror
Hid the beautiful tapestry from her
Caused the brilliant colors of her spirit,
In her eyes, to run and blur

How I wish she could see the tapestry
The beauty of spirit and soul
The colors of our shared loving
The wonders of the woman, whole

Her lover knows the tapestry
The power of her skin and her taste
The beauty of soul and of spirit
That years could never erase.