Richard W. Reith


A dad sits back in wonder
at the friendship he watched grow
As the two ships sailed on rocky seas
yet with bonds he couldn’t know.

At six her mother understood
daughter’s giggles, squeals and smiles,
her carefree life, her naiveté
untouched by human trials.

At thirteen her mother understood
changing self, awkwardness, and doubts,
first love, first kiss, first everything,
and stayed best-friend throughout.

At twenty one, she celebrated
daughter’s independence and wonder;
And held her up through every fear
Through good decisions, and blunder.

At thirty-two she understood
The anxiety and joy of new life
In ways that only a mother could -
Loving mother, best friend, loving wife.

Because she’ll sit in the kitchen
with ice cream, one spoon and another,
And listen till dawn to a daughter’s heart -
A girl’s best friend
is her mother.

And dad just smiles at the bonds that be,
The understanding, compassion, and love
And thanks the lord for such as she:
His blessing from above…