Richard W. Reith


We come to her
Fear down deep in our core.

With a gentle hand she takes us,
leads us,
to the start of the difficult path we must follow.

Blowing away the fog
Showing us the road ahead
Girding us for the battle to come

We come to her as empty vessels.
She could fill us with optimism and hope,
or resignation and despair.
She chooses hope,
and walks us,
sometimes carries us,
through the surreal world of cancer.

Bringing healing
and Hope
with the mind of a doctor
And the heart of a woman.

Author’s Note: I do have to say that the VA quickly took over my care, were caring, good doctors, and I found them to be better than the hospital I was in. They do CT and PET scans every three months because of the likelihood of my cancer reappearing, tests no insurance would allow that often.

I had been vicariously involved with my dad, a longtime volunteer with the DAV, working to get people their benefits, and I know how bad that was. I also know how bad care often was, hearing of it often. But over the past five years things have gotten so much better. I would choose it, and do, over the highly rated hospitals I could go to here in Atlanta, a lot because they are restrained by insurance companies in what they can do.

I was so impressed with my oncologist, and her caring, that I wrote the above poem, framed and signed it and gave it to her. It now hangs on her wall, and it is on my site.

Rich Reith
February 3, 2006