Richard W. Reith

Richard W. Reith

Richard W. Reith: J&B Poetry
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Rich is a Vietnam Veteran, the father of an Afghanistan Veteran, the son of a WWII Veteran, and the nephew of a Korean Veteran.

Born in 1949, Rich has three children of his own and one foster child he adopted. He was married to his first wife for 35 years, so he decided to stick with her instead of trading her in for two 28 year olds. He holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees (math, business, and economics) and spent 18 years as an IBM systems engineer.

Despite being a writer all his life, it is only recently that Rich has decided to write for more than just personal edification. He previously threw each piece away once he got it to where he liked it and likes to say that his best work is sitting in landfills from Maine to California.

A coach of three soccer teams, (he played in college), Rich works with abused/abandoned kids and does a lot of consulting, all of which requires long hours of work. He also plays in a bridge tournament on-line each night from 12-3am. “I love being a bundle of contradictions…” he quips.

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