Janet Rattay


Janet Rattay: Trick or TreatGhosts and goblins can be seen
Of course, because it’s Halloween
Around the corner take a peek
Scurrying by the children sneak.

In the bushes vampires hide
Big yellow moon fills up the sky
Witches cackle for their treat
Monsters lurk on every street.

House lights welcome everyone
Trick or treat, have some fun,
Sing a song, ring the bell;
Magic of a Halloween spell.

Jack-O-Lantern’s eerie face
Dancing shadows have their place
Hurry home with all your loot
Candy, popcorn, and some fruit.

I’ll eat and eat till I turn green
Wondering if I’ll make a scene
The trick’s on me or so it seems
Too many treats this Halloween.

“Never again” is what I say
Take it away for this I pray
Thankfully it’s but once a year
I will remember… this I swear…
until maybe… maybe…
again… next year!

Submitted for the October 2006 IWVPA Theme Project, “Halloween