Susan A. Raby-Dunne

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Susan is a writer, filmmaker and veteran advocate. In 2005, Susan started research on a screenplay about Canadian icon, Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae and all that has led her to here. Currently, Susan is one of three producers of a documentary about CWO/RSM Bob Girouard (KIA in Afghanistan in 2006), and his family entitled, “For Country”, the English translation of the Royal Canadian Regiment motto “Pro Patria”. She has also composed a military musical version of the poem “In Flanders Fields” which is on CD and is an official fundraiser for “The Poppy Fund”.

A volunteer with veterans locally in the Calgary area, Susan is presently studying with Dr. Edward Tick of New York and his organization Soldier’s Heart and is taking a Master Class in War Healing from him with an eye to helping Canadian veterans with what she learns; either those having difficulty returning to life after being in theatre or any veterans at all from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Peacekeepers etc.

From November 3rd to the 22nd, Susan returned to Vietnam with Dr. Tick and 8 Vietnam veterans returning for the first time since the war for healing purposes. The trip was powerful and transformative for everyone, in a good way.

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