Rosemary Purse-Robinson


Throughout my Singapore Sojourn 69/71
mined Vietnam burned
books films homeland songs did not travel.

Now solving third world problems
robs you of homeland happenings.
Your compact body radiates resolve
I see it piloting world-causes
brain-storming diplomatic solutions
navigating unexploded ordinance
bad-lands in Vietnam
your unexpected smile
enchanting Munitions Colonels
not expecting puckish humour
much less a female scientist.

Always intuitive you struck
Perfect pitch employing droll wit.
Armies march not merely Napoleonic
on their stomachs.
Gallows humour slows the heart rate
permits that tricky rebottling
of wicked genies cheating them
of one more casual death
in that whirling crimsoned cargo
of dismembered dancing limbs.

Laugh little one laugh
if need be we will cry
when you come home.