Charles J. Prusik

Charles Joseph Prusik, “CJ” to his friends, and “79erkilo” on the web spent twenty plus years in service, and did two tours in the Nam. He is now fully retired with a 100% disability rating from both Social Security and the V.A.

Currently, CJ and his wife are house hunting; looking for someplace located in the country away from the neighbors where they can have some peace and quiet and do our own “thing”, whatever that is. CJ wants some shop space to do wood working and if possible, a darkroom for photography.

CJ has written about 25-30 poems about the Nam and the aftermath of the war as it has affected him. Then there are a hundred or so other poems and short essays on general stuff that affects him from day to day.

Classical Japanese Haiku is his favorite poetic form because of the challenge of its arrangement of lines and syllables.

Index Of Writings