Anna Q. Proctor


I get up and ask myself with each passing day
What is my soldier doing today?
It’s the unknown questions I can’t help but ask,
Is he fighting, or building, or doing some other task?

Are he and his battle buddies holding up to the stress?
Is he saddened by our nation’s fear and distressed?
I know all that I taught him makes sense to him now
How could his purpose be questioned somehow?

He clings to our country and our God whom he loves
War is the hand and freedom the glove
I love him and speak of him with unending pride
With each load that he bares, I pray by his side

When I’m scared the Lords spirit fills me to say
Rest easy dear mother I’m with him each day
When he enlisted we all sat down and agreed
We saw the big picture, we knew the great need

I think of every soldier as they toil through their days
Fighting for us is the highest of praise
All who’ve known war whisper “I too know your pain”
But there’s too much to loose and too much to gain

My son wants to come home, but not till the mission is done
It’s never been in his nature to just cut and to run
He tells me with conviction that’s as strong as the thunder
“no more sifting through Pentagon and twin towers rubble”

He knew the stories of when I was young
Who was this “Hitler” and what had he done?
I would tell him the answers were shrouded and hazy
I guessed that the world didn’t care and was lazy

I’m compelled to shout out to the doubters and liars
“It’s easy to complain, serving selfish desires”
If your world is fruitful and safe and sound
Get down on your knee’s and start kissing the ground

I hold firm to convictions and will never yield
To do less would disgrace all who’ve died on the field
When flight 93 had to make their great choice
From a hole each screamed sacrifice with a soldier’s great voice

All you nay-sayers drink and enjoy your cocktails on me
My son’s eating dirt so that you can be free
Criticize all you want, we believe in your right
Just remember my son is fighting your fight!

You might say that I don’t know your great loss
But my family’s paid blood, and knows the great cost
My cousin died in ‘69 for a buddy in “Nam”
And his sacrifice then made me who I am

Yes I’m scared for my son
Any parent would be
But he enlisted last August
So his mom remains free!

Author’s Note: Dedicated to my son, PFC Jason P. Barnes, 5-2 C.R. Fires Sqd. Bravo Battery, and to all soldiers, their loved ones and our ancestors who were willing to pay the price and as history has shown, they prevailed for us.