Lynn C. Price


Ross Edward Price - Our Son
In Loving Memory of Ross, our Son

IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writing: May 20, 2007
Awarded: May 20, 2007
I looked in the Heavens and swore I could see,
The eyes of my child, smiling at me.
A soft mourning dove sang from afar,
Echoing the sadness of a broken Mom’s heart.

Tears are reflections of a soul torn and tossed,
Shed for a son who paid that high cost.
How does a Mom carry her pain,
Where once he brought sunshine, only lives rain?

A gentle breeze stirred, my mind drifts away,
Turning back time, when we had our last day.
His smile ever radiant, his eyes shades of blue,
Would we do anything different ‘if only we knew?’

Memories of words we shared from the past,
If time could stand still, those moments would last.
Much like my soul, the sun is now fading;
Another day’s gone, and a Mom’s love is still waiting.

I walk through the house, drawn to his door;
Unable to stop it, my feet cross the floor.
There in the corner are toys gathering dust;
Tin soldiers and dump trucks now covered with rust.

Posters were hung with a steady young hand;
Pictures of girls and guys in his band.
There, under his bed, I see something missed;
My God, it’s a letter, sealed with his kiss.

“Dear Mom,” it begins, as eyes tearfully read,
“I’ve not always been the son I could be.
Tested and tried, you never gave up,
When running on empty, you filled my life’s cup.

Joys and trials, yes, I’m sure you had plenty,
Tears for your son, I know you shed many.
If I get to Heaven before your time ends,
I’ll build a great mansion for the time we will spend.

Jesus does love me, you taught me this much,
And, Mom, if you’re reading this, feel your son’s touch.
We don’t always know when our time is done;
Feel my arms ‘round you, Love, your blessed son.”

Lord, did he know his time would draw near?
Did he walk with You gladly or linger with fear?
More questions than answers, as the sun starts to rise:
God, help me to see beauty through my son’s eyes.