Lynn C. Price


There’s a special place in Heaven, where Fallen Angels go,
For, Jesus knows their comrades still need comfort down below.
From the range of basic training to a Warrior’s final stand,
He’ll never be forsaken when held by Angels’ hands.

Jesus loves His Warriors, for all He paid the price;
His tears will fill an ocean, when Fallen Angels cry.

An Angels’ job’s not easy, for, their wings are laden down,
With prayers from Warriors’ families, who kneel on sacred ground.
Angels’ hearts are golden. They shine with God’s pure light,
A strong and steady beacon for a Warrior’s lonely nights.

We often see a rainbow. Just pass the stormy sky.
A glorious undertaking, when Fallen Angels cry.

How God does love his Warriors, He welcomes each one home,
The Fallen stand e’er ready, so none will die alone.
Though battles rage eternal, our Warriors know no fear,
He knows his battle buddies will be bringing up the rear.

There, across the desert, he heaves a mighty sigh;
He knows he lost a comrade when Fallen Angels cry.

We watch him in the distance, just past the mourning crowd,
Standing at attention in a uniform worn proud.
He knows his job’s not over, though tired and battle worn,
He’ll go the final distance, with a soul that’s pure, but torn.

“Jesus, please receive me. I know not how or why.
Today I join the ranks of when Fallen Angels cry.”

PFC Justin Price and PFC Best… his best friend and now battle buddy at Ft. Benning.
Photo: Lynn C. Price - April 2007

Author’s Note: In Loving Memory of all Fallen Angels